Monday, August 3, 2009

wisdom and knowlege

I have tried to start a new habit of rising early, to beat the morning rush of my household. Get a few minutes alone to jumpstart my day by giving it to the Lord. Of course, my house also rose early and I sat with my bible, coffee, and journal, trying to focus my bleary eyes with the sound of tonka trucks racing down my hallway. (Where do they get that kind of energy when they've just rolled out of bed?)

I've entered into a season of reprioritizing my life. Simplifying. Relating. Creating peace. I was reminded as I read through Proverbs 2, that if we accept Gods words, and seek them like we would buried treasure, cry out for wisdom and seek to understand His heart...He will generously give it. I was reminded by that phrase "seek it like treasure" of our recent beach trip. We spent hours on the beach hunting "treasures". Broken shells, bottle caps, feathers. I equipped each of the boys with buckets and shovels and off we went. Journeying down the shoreline, looking for treasure. This triggered something in I equipping them to seek the most important treasure of all?

Prov. 2 promises that if we DO seek Him with all our heart, search out His wisdom and understanding like we would treasure, He has so much for us. He will give wisdom. He will give victory. He will give knowledge of what is right. He will be our sheild from the world. Man, do I want THAT for my kids. I want the victory, the wisdom, the sheild from the world. I want the clear paths and knowledge of what is right.How can I give it to them? By helping them seek the treasure. God's Word. Pray that it sticks. Pray for opportunities to point them to it. Pray that I remember TO point them to it. Teach them how to seek the Lord's Words when they need wisdom.

Dear Lord,

First, thanks for being so much bigger than me. Thanks for generously giving yourself to us when we seek you. You are always waiting, right there, waiting to give us your heart when we ask for it. Lord, please help me teach my little fellas to seek you. Let me show them, daily, how important it is to seek you out. That your Holy Word is the real treasure. There is nothing, absolutely nothing I want more for them, than to live a long, faithful life, rooted in your wisdom. I long for them to grow to be men of integrity. To know right from wrong, good from evil. To be a source of wisdom to those around them. I want them to claim victory over pain in thier lives. Victory over the one who wants to destroy them. I want them to be protected from the snares of the world...the lies thrown at them every where they turn. I want them to KNOW distinctly what you have created them for, and to see cleary the path you have for them. I know that for them to have those things, they have to know your word. Help me give it to them. Help me teach them the way to your heart, your wisdom. Give me the brains to see the teachable moments in front of me, give me the words to pass on to them. Cover our home in your wisdom and knowlege and deep love for your Word. Let it take deep roots in their little hearts, that they would know your power over darkness. Know your love over the pain of the world. Know your mercy and compassion for others. Let it start with me...let them ask me why I'm hiding in my bedroom with the big book in front of me. Let that wisdom and love fill our house...Amen

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